Bathurst Water Filtration Plant

Bathurst Water Filtration Plant Upgrade - Manganese Removal

Client: Bathurst Regional Council 
Project Manager: NSW Department of Public Works 
Contract Type: GC21 
Contract Value: $5.5 million 

Eodo Pty Ltd recently completed the upgrade of the Bathurst Regional Council Water Filtration Plant, the biggest capital works project the plant has had in over 20 years. The design development and construction of caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite dosing plants and associated works at Bathurst Water Filtration Plant were carried out by Eodo as principal contractor and included the following works: 

The design, manufacture, supply, delivery to site, construction, installation, testing, demonstration, setting into operation and commissioning of liquid caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite dosing and storage systems, a filtered water to waste pumping station and the associated pipework, including: 
  • A new liquid caustic soda storage and dosing system; 
  • A new sodium hypochlorite storage and dosing system
  • Two new alum tanks and modification to the existing alum bund
  • A new precast concrete building to house the liquid caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite dosing tanks, pumps and electrical switchboards for two new dosing systems
  • Duplicate chemical dosing double containment pipework from the new chemical tanks to the specified dosing points at the WFP
  • A new filtered water to waste pumping station, associated filter butterfly valves, pumps and associated pipework
  • Provision of new pneumatic instruments for the 14 filters on the floor level of the pipe gallery and address all relevant WHS issues
  • Settled water and filtered water on-line water quality monitoring equipment
  • Provision of new access road to the new chemical storage building
  • A new pre-fabricated concrete building to house electrical switchboards and VSD units for the filtered water to waste pumping station
  • Associated electrical, mechanical and civil works.