Hanson Australia - East Guyong Quarry

Client: Hanson Australia
Project Manager: RMS, Geolyse and Hanson Australia
Contract Value: $3.5 million

Works included 3 concurrent contracts including; the construction of a new intersection on the Mitchell Highway, the construction of internal access roads and the construction of the quarry infrastructure area. 
  • Intersection at the Mitchell Highway at East Guyong to allow for the construction of the following; a deceleration lane for vehicles turning left into site, a deceleration and storage lane for vehicles turning right into site, an acceleration lane for vehicles turning right out of site, an acceleration lane for vehicles turning left out of site. Additionally, the works included culvert construction with pre-cast concrete sloping face headwall elements, survey bulk earth works, stabilising – agent 4% SSC40 to 350mm depth to RMS R75 QA Specification, AC layer, emulsion and bitumen sealing, all works (including safety, environmental and quality assurance) to RMS Specification, works included re-design due to poor subgrade, discovery of and working with environmentally and safety sensitive naturally occurring asbestos – which prompted design changes and new construction methodologies to ensure the safety of workers and the travelling public – whilst still satisfying to clients’ needs – this included the training of staff and safe management of the materials in coordination with highly specialised personnel. Works included management of site within close proximity to a fully functioning highway, daily safety and environmental inspections, regular RMS independent inspections, consultation with independent project managers, RMS project managers and personnel. Line marking, signage erection under high volume traffic conditions. 
  • Construction of the new infrastructure area for the Hanson Quarry at East Guyong. Works included: Preparation, maintenance and restoration of stockpile sites, environmental management, erosion and sediment control, compliance with statutory and mines codes, stripping of 16,350m3 topsoil, bulk excavation to subgrade level in all classes of material 170,000m3 in total excavated, bulk fill to subgrade level and compaction of material obtained from cut 170,000m3 in total filled, trimming of subgrade to profile, place, spread and compaction to spec. requirements – gravel including testing by NATA geotechnical engineers total 13,200m3, supply, place, spread and compact materials for sediment pond, trimming of base course for 2 coat seal, place two coat seal incl. 5mm scatter coat, construction of diversion drains including high flow spillways, batter diversion drains, supply and install 1.5mm HDPE liner to storage pond – all jointing and construction of anchor trench, relevant field compaction and testing. Works to mines safety act, WHS Act and Regulations and high QA standards and in an environmentally sensitive area – in close proximity to neighbouring properties with constant noise and air monitoring protocols undertaken. 
  • Construction of the internal access road for the new Hanson Quarry. Works included; preparation, maintenance and restoration of stockpiles, environmental management, erosion and sediment control, compliance with statutory and mines codes and legislation, stripping of topsoil to nominal depth of 200mm in all areas of bulk earthworks and road works within the site and stockpile for spreading on batters following construction completion, bulk excavation of 29,100m3 to subgrade level and compaction to 98% - geotechnical testing throughout each stage of works, bulk fill of 25,100m3 to subgrade level, trimming of subgrade, placement, spreading and compaction of select material to 102% including geo-technical testing, placement, spreading and compaction to a min. 102% DGB20 base course gravel, final trim of base course, 2 coat bitumen seal including 5mm scatter coat. The excavation, supply, laying, bedding and jointing of all pipework including compaction of bedding, backfilling of trenches. The supply and installation of concrete headwalls, concrete pits, rip rap protection and geo-textile. The design, supply and installation of 2 x cattle grids. Subsoil drainage, supply and install of flushing points, connection of subsoil drainage line to stormwater culvert. Works were completed under mining WHS regulations including regular inspections by government mining officials, stringent EPA conditions including regular inspections by EPA officials – all works to the satisfaction of inspectors. 
  • Construction of weigh bridge and office for quarry operations.