- All dust vacuum bags, empty fluoride bags, associated waste from pallets, residual dust and materials should be double wrapped and placed in the bin stored in the fluoride room. This bin should be labelled ‘Fluoride Waste’;

- When a small spill or leak occurs the spilt or leaked fluoride should be vacuumed and any residual material should be hosed off- but only with an appropriate temporary bund or leak proof barrier around it- for example placing absorbent pads around the area before hosing. The absorbent pads should then be double wrapped and placed in the fluoride waste bin for collection by the council trucks for disposal at the tip;

- Tox Free can issue destruction certificates for the IBC waste (as per my previous email). These certificates should be kept on site at the WFP for records of final disposal methods of the analysis waste water collected in the IBC;

- Any washings generated from fluoride waste should be placed in the lagoons and should any washings run off or spill onto grassed areas, the contaminated soil should be disposed of in the lagoons. Run off and spills should not settle on grassed or other areas and should be disposed of correctly;

- The Fluoride room should remain locked and closed at all times when workers are not in it and PPE should be worn when entering the room;

- When PPE is heavily contaminated is should be double wrapped and disposed of in the fluoride waste bin. Respirator filters should be changed every 13 weeks regardless of the condition they are in and regardless of how many times t have been used.